Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November Gratitude Journal: Day 6

I'm grateful for the quality of my life: clean water to drink, heat and warm water, a garage, a microwave and a grocery store. 

I'm grateful for the high quality of people that enrich my experience and make me better.  For a spouse that loves me and works hard to support me in my own work and dreams, for children that are healthy and loving, for friends that look beyond themselves and aim to make life easier for others.

I'm grateful for access to information that guides me on a path of happiness.  For a clear mind and ability to solve problems. For access to Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost to help me digest this information and make better decisions. I'm grateful for the promise of further light and knowledge that allows me to govern my life through faith instead of fear and to feel growth and a sense of accomplishment every day. 

{Sara Ward}

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