Spiritual Goal Ideas

·         Pray twice a day for one week.

·         Attend all your church meetings every Sunday for one month.

·        Plan a date to attend the temple and make arrangements to make it happen.  For the Nauvoo Temple Schedule, click here.

·         Spend 2 hours doing genealogy for 2 weeks.  Click here to access family history information on lds.org.

·         Study scriptures: hold family scripture study once a day for two weeks.  Discuss how this has affected your home.

·         Memorizing scriptures: Memorize three scriptures that have meaning to you or memorize three scripture mastery verses.  Check out the scripture mastery app or a list of scripture mastery verses.

·         Studying the Sunday School and Relief Society lessons before Sunday for 4 weeks.

·         Read the Ensign from cover to cover for one issue, or read at least 5 articles per issue for 3 months. 

·         Read Daughters in My Kingdom.

·         Holding Family Home Evening every week for a month.  Plan the topics of the lessons and make teaching assignments.

·         Write in your journal once every two weeks for 3 months.

·         Bear your testimony in sacrament meeting, Relief Society, at Family Home Evening, or to a friend.

·        Read and study the Preach My Gospel manual. Teach a family home evening lesson on one of the sections.

·         Try to improve your friendship with those you visit teach by contacting them at least once a week for one month.

·         Magnify your calling.

·         Paying tithes & offerings.

·         Before the first Sunday of the month, reflect on a purpose for your fast and open and close your fast with a prayer.

·         Watch all four sessions of General Conference.  Record thoughts and impressions by taking notes then act on at least 2 of those things.

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