Saturday, November 24, 2012

November Gratitude Journal: Day 24

My thankfuls....
  • Growing up in a small farming town in Idaho
  • A loving family who stays close even if we all live in completely different parts of the country
  • Technology that helps me stay connected with friends and family
  • My new job, that stretches and challenges me
  • To live in a place that has 4 separate seasons
  • A dependable vehicle (for the first time in my life haha)
  • Movies/TV shows that help me unwind and relax
  • Hair product that brings me such silly happiness 
  • Traveling to new and exciting parts of the country/world
  • Animals, i am obsessed
  • A hardworking husband who would do anything for me and our future family
  •  An eternal marriage that brings more joy to my life than i ever thought possible.
  • The gospel that gives me such peace and direction
{Meggan Morgan}

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