Monday, October 8, 2012

Iowa Activity: Wilson's Orchard

Mary and her family headed to Wilson's Orchard.  Mary says:

We went to the apple orchard! Well... I'm sad to say that there were hardly any apples and by hardly I mean there was one... literally only one, in the whole orchard!  Apparently they had a rough season and not many apples came of it.  We were pretty content with our tiny little apple though, and I am happy to report that we saw tons and Tons of deer!!!! 

A link to the Wilson's Orchard can be found here.  Here are some fun events they are planning (that do not involve apples!):

October 13-14:  Pumpkin Festival
October 20-21:  Games Weekend
October 27-28:  Trick-or-Treat

Thanks to Mary for sharing with us!


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