Monday, August 20, 2012

A September Suggestion -- Floss

Thanks to everybody for the kind comments (and compliments) about the Lengthening Your Stride program!  We are so excited to hit the ground running in just a few days when September rolls around.  But, you are welcome to start working and reporting progress on any personal goals you are meeting.

We are also delighted to have our first blog contribution from one of our lovely resident dentists, Erin Sheffield.  She sent us this email: 

 "The dentist in me couldn't help but add a suggestion for the September goals:

-- flossing daily for 7 days!

I thought you could post a blurb on the blog if you like (that's what the blog is for, right?), something like this:

Everyone wants to be special, right? One way to be elite is by something as simple as two minutes per day: flossing! So few people floss but some even say it will add 7 years to your life. Yes, its a bit annoying, especially when you are tired and ready for bed, but it makes a big difference. Studies have shown periodontal health (gum health) is linked to heart disease and even low birth weight/premature babies (hello pregnant sisters!). Not to mention the progression of gingivitis to periodontal disease (gum disease) which can cause irreversible damage like ugly recession (ever heard the phrase "long in the teeth?"), tooth sensitivity, loose teeth, and even tooth loss!

So do yourself (and your baby) a favor and start flossing. Once per day is enough. You'll start to see results after about one week: less bleeding gums and yucky gunk.

Something that works for me, if this doesn't gross you out, is to floss while watching tv or other times not right before bed. You don't have to do it in the bathroom, just make sure it gets done."

Please feel free to keep emailing or commenting with suggestions, testimonials, pictures or videos.  Hope everybody has a wonderful week!!


The Literacy Committee

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  1. Flossing...what a novel idea!! I'll start with brushing my teeth 7 days a week and then add flossing! Thanks, Erin!!!!