Monday, August 27, 2012

A September Suggestion -- Girls on the Run 5K

Here is another fun idea for a September goal from Sara Ward -- it is from a previous email to our Google Group, so it might sound familiar.

"Would anyone like to join me as a "Running Buddy" for the Girls on the Run organization?  It's a two day commitment (one day in Oct. and one in Nov.) and only 3 miles to run.  I thought this was a cool opportunity to get in shape and serve the community (and a good way to combine the September and October themes from the Lengthen Your Stride manual if you're looking to double up ;)

If you're looking for other ways to get involved, there is a great assortment available for volunteer opportunities.  They still need coaches at a few schools for their fall season, or you can be a "Running Buddy" and sign up to run alongside a girl and be her personal cheerleader for a practice 5K the week of October 22nd and then for the real thing on November 17th, or you can help with event planning, or run your own race to raise money, really whatever you want.  Here's a list of ways to get involved."

 Thanks for the wonderful idea Sara! 

 Sending our love,

The Literacy Committee

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