Thursday, February 21, 2013

Learn to Index!

Who here is good at deciphering old calligraphy and three hundred year old cursive? You are not sure if you are good at it? Well, come give it a try at Larkin's house next Wednesday evening at 7:30! As Guardians of the Hearth (our theme for LYS this month), it is important for us to help preserve our family history. One way we can do that is through indexing. Check out the link below to learn more about indexing. You can take a two minute "test drive" to see if you like indexing. Then, when you realize that indexing is actually fun definitely more useful than playing angry birds/scrabble on your phone,  you can easily download the software to your computer or smart phone and index anytime you want! Dont let the phrase "download software" throw you off (i hate the word software, it scares me), the church website makes it super easy. 

This link has four tutorial videos.

So bring your laptops/smart phones and a snack to Larkins house on Wednesday 27th at 7:30pm and we will chat and learn how to index together. Larkin is pretty good at indexing, so she can be our guide if we need help.  We thought 7:30 would be a good time because it would allow moms to get kids ready for bed before heading out, but if it is too late, we can move the time back a bit. 
If you are anti-indexing, that is ok too! Just come to chat and hang out.


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